Gutter Sentry

Gutters. Gotta have ‘em…but they are not the kind of home improvements we like to think about. Once something goes wrong and it’s time to replace, or it’s time to deal with your roof, or time to choose exterior options for new home construction, we are forced to consider gutters.

Does Gutter Quality Matter?

Yes. Putting together the right options is essential. As each and every gutter installation is unique, getting the components right and the quality of each component right is essential to creating a gutter system that:

  • Avoids standing and stagnant water, a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests
  • Keeps your landscapes and hardscapes free of damaging, over flowing water
  • Protects facia boards and soffits
  • Protect the foundation of your home by effectively channeling water into desired drainage paths

The right gutter can add beauty to your home, as well as protection.

  • Colors that work for your home, including Dark Bronze, Gray, and more. And of course, white.
  • Contribute to your home’s design, not detract
  • Custom work, that works with your home’s unique needs
  • Curb appeal

Why Distinctive Metal Roofing for Gutters?

We have taken gutters into our own hands, and invested in ensuring quality gutter formation and installation. Our extensive experience with the installation of metal roofing positions us as experts at providing the protection for your home that a good water and debris management system adds to your home.

Call or contact us to learn more about our Distinctive Gutters and Soffits.

Don’t forget about your Soffits

We know roof ventilation. Distinctive can install hidden vent style soffits that are much more attractive and provide the highest NFA (net free area) of intake ventilation to feed ridge exhaust vents on the market. And, we can also aluminum wrap your exposed wood fascia or replace the wrap that exists if it’s damaged or stained.

Choose Your Gutters Wisely

  • Protect your home’s structure and landscaping
  • Custom formed, onsite

Service Area

gutter service area cleveland

We’re servicing a limited geographic area, so that we can deliver Distinctive Service.